Community Events

Community and Church events will eventually be posted regularly in the space below*.

Are you interested in …starting a local mission to feed and clothe the poor?  … assisting the elderly?   …improving conditions for children?   …bringing people together for fun or for information?  If so, please call Ted (Pastor)  518-536-6735 — or visit at church or over a coffee!

With God and team work, anything is possible!



The good people at the American Legion invited our church to bring desserts for the November 3rd spaghetti dinner fundraiser.  We have some sensational cooks within our small church!!

Yum! And this view is only half of the table!!




Michigan Wednesdays — 2018


An important fundraiser for our church and a ‘community social’ bringing people together! (Aug 2018)














Also, we are Thankful for our kitchen volunteers (who are usually camera-shy)!





*Coming Events:



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