About us

  Lyon Mountain Memorial                                 United Methodist Church

   We are a small, yet loving congregation.  You are invited to join us in worship on any Sunday morning at 9:30 am (effective June 23rd 9:00 am !).

During July and August (and on Election Day), we host “Michigan Wednesdays” to raise money for support of our church, and at the same time, enjoy camaraderie with folks in this community and nearby areas.

We live in God’s country!



Our congregation has a long history, beginning in 1880 as the iron-mining community of Lyon Mountain grew rapidly to accommodate a swelling population of miners, families and service providers.  On Christmas eve that year, the town residents gathered to celebrate the opening of the new Methodist Church.  The photograph to the left, circa 1892, shows a large gathering of town residents next to the original church, that was later destroyed by fire.


As time goes by, we hope to insert more ‘tidbits’ of our church’s history on this page.

In the meantime, the picture below shows the dedication and hardiness of the people in Lyon Mountain.  Rev and Mrs Stanton P. Allen of the Methodist Church traveling by hand-car from Standish to Lyon Mountain in 1892 — what a work-out that must have been on those trips back and forth!








The current United Methodist Church was constructed around 1952 with assistance from Republic Steel, the main employer and owner of the hamlet at that time.

Lyon Mountain Memorial Church

This church building has served the congregation well; but now. it needs many upgrades to better serve residents with disabilities.  Please consider making a donation to help bring this structure up-to-date; so that, it will continue to be functional long into the future — for community events and gatherings!!